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  • Place “to scale” rigs/barges/vessels on the map.
  • Move and rotate them with the mouse or numerically.
  • Measure real distances and bearings to sub-sea assets.
  • Measure & view proposed leg positions with existing foot-prints.
  • Final positioning and heading confirmation tool.

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  • Carefully plan complex anchoring patterns.
  • Accurate in local grid or geographic coordinates(WGS84).
  • Calculates and displays catenary profile.
  • Print or save copy of anchor plan.
  • Save and load anchor plans stored in the database.
  • Excellent planning tool for anchor placement.

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  • Quickly search and locate site survey regions on the map.
  • View and download final report and charts.
  • View multiple chart layers to assist in the geophysical analysis.
  • Over-lay jack-up rigs for optimum, safe placement.

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  • Monitor real-time vessel positions.
  • Replay vessel movements from saved data.
  • Analyze vessel behaviour to determine contractual compliance.
  • Integrate Vessel Daily Reports, vessel specifications, POB.
  • Create custom alerts based on geographic region, speed etc.

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  • Search and locate boreholes, wells etc. on the map.
  • Quickly locate, view and download associated documents.
  • Upload and attach charts and reports to map data.
  • Connect to existing databases.

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    Why GeoView

    Exploration and Production (E&P) companies often have no means of viewing their offshore assets spatially within an easy to use, interactive mapping system that is shared across their organization. Those E & P companies that do have, what is termed a Geographic Information System (GIS), typically use a complex desktop GIS software that is not suited for operational departments such as drilling, marine and construction; this is where Geoview Data Services (GDS) fills the gap.

    Save costs by deploying powerful web-mapping applications without expensive in-house development; our team of GIS and software developers will manage both the data and application.

    Make better decisions and improve communications between teams by presenting map data in easy-to-use web-mapping applications.

    Prevent costly damage to jack up rigs by using our unique mapping tools to determine a rig’s suitability alongside a platform and pre-existing spud can depressions, and to prevent leg stress damage by slipping into existing foot-prints.

    Increase efficiency by having a centralized spatial database with all of the as-built assets such as pipelines, platforms, and their associated wells and slots, previous jack-up rig foot prints, boreholes, wells, site surveys, pipeline route surveys, debris surveys, and virtually any other “spatial” data available.

    Prevent site survey duplication by simply viewing previous site survey regions, their associated reports and charts to determine current suitability.

    Integrated & Interactive

    Our unique solution is not simply a viewer, as most are, but a fully interactive system that allows the user to place rigs/barges/vessels, create and save complex anchor patterns, proposed pipeline routes, site survey regions and much more. GDS is a full customizable solution with the ability to connect to existing databases and document management systems.
    Since this is a private cloud computing solution, where there is a centralized storage and “online” access of data, the entire application runs in any browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox; no additional software is required.

    Internet Explorer

    The data management challenge

    Exploration and Production (E&P) companies spend millions of dollars every year undertaking seabed surveys to acquire data sets to help in expensive, and potentially risky, activities such as: determining potential well locations, suitable rig placement positions, identifying geophysical hazards, the selection of potential pipeline routes and offshore facility locations, and asset maintenance and repair. They also spend millions on the installation of assets such as pipelines, platforms, FPSO’s and sub-sea wells. It is vital that such data sets should therefore be accurate, easy to use and easy to share.
    Survey and as-built data are often delivered in various formats, such as CAD files, shape files, reports, imagery, and many others. Managing such a mixture of formats, ensuring accuracy and integrating these into an enterprise mapping and document management system is far from straight forward.

    Our Solution

    Cost-effective conversion of all survey deliverables, ensuring geodetic accuracy (i.e. correct datum and projection), extracting relevant information from final reports for database and document management system population, and any other task that ensures data integrity and accuracy.

    Sharing of data is made easy with our cloud-based application that runs in any browser, such as chrome, internet explorer, safari, firefox. No other expensive licenses or other software is required; you simply access the application and data through your browser and save all work to the cloud.

    Central depository of the latest, up-to-date, accurate as-built assets, such as pipelines, well-heads, platforms and slots, and any other physical structures.

    Analyze geotechnical and geophysical site surveys by using our unique multi-layering site survey chart functionality.

    Geodetically accurate map/spatial data is guaranteed with the ability to switch between local grid and WGS84 latitude and longitude.

    Searching and locating spatial map data and reports is quick and easy with our customized search functions that links all map/spatial data with documents and databases.

    View and control multiple layers easilyby simply checking what layers you wish to view.


    Data conversion, migration and integration

    Our experienced GIS data team will convert all of your as-built data, such as pipelines,platforms, subsea and floating production systems, subsea wells, cables, umbilicals, and any other physical asset. Convert site survey charts, jack-up rig foot prints, well and borehole locations, pipeline route surveys, and virtually any other data that can be spatially displayed on a map.

    Populate our Document Management System with any document, drawing, report, image, video, connect to existing databases to allow the seamless integration between map data and database records.

    Utilize our proven quality control methods and software to ensure data integrity and the correct assignment of the datum and projection.

    Support, training and upgrades

    Provide on-site and telephone support and training, add map and report data as your field expands, provide you with new and exiting software features we are continually creating, as well as work with the end users to provide an ever improving customized solution.

    Support, training and upgrades

    Provide on-site and telephone support and training, add map and report data as your field expands, provide you with new and exiting software features we are continually creating, as well as work with the end users to provide an ever improving customized solution.

    About Us

    Geoview Data Services (GDS) has developed a unique cloud-based GIS solution to enable offshore Exploration and Production (E & P) to manage their entire offshore fields to get the most out of their data, prevent costly mistakes, and to manage their chartered vessels and the associated fuel. The main modules that GDS has developed to achieve this are the Seabed Assurance System (GDS-SAS™) and Vessel Information System (GDS-VIS™).

    A diverse team of Geographic Information System (GIS) software developers, electrical and embedded software engineers, design and database experts, specialising in cloud-based applications, marine and offshore survey consultants with several decades of experience, have enabled GDS to develop this unique solution.

    Contact Us

    Geoview Data Services Sdn Bhd
    Unit 5a, Level 5, Menara Chan
    138 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur,
    Malaysia, 50450
    Tel : +603 2732 8272
    Fax : +603 2732 8273
    Email : [email protected]

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